Purchase a Lot


RiverStone is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Lethbridge, so there is a great deal ofcompetition when new lots are made available. To make this process as fair as possible, we don't just sell lots in RiverStone on a first-come, first-served basis. We hold a public lot draw to give everyone an equal opportunity to purchase a lot.  Any individual, business or contractor wishing to purchase a lot can participate in the lot draw.

Advantages Buying from Lethbridge Land:

a) Choice of Lot at the draw                            b) Choice of builder

To ensure fairness, we try to make this process as straightforward and  transparent as possible. 

Step One

  • complete a registration form

Step Two

  • bring your completed registration form to City Hall, Real Estate and Development Department, 2nd Floor
  • identification will be required for verification
  • if you are a numbered company, please provide your incorporation documents to confirm ownership
  • once registered and verified, your name will be placed in a drum

Step Three

  • on the day of the lot draw, you will have to be present (no one can stand in for you)
  • as many names as there are lots will be drawn from the drum

Step Four

  • if your name is called, you will need to show your identification for verification
  • you will be required to pay a 10% deposit
  • we'll ask you to come back in one week to sign your purchaser's agreement

Please note:  Assignment of "offer to purchase" to a third party is permitted. A processing fee of $500 will be due at the time of the request.

Step Five

  • within 90 days, you will be required to pay out the land in full

Step Six

  • choose your builder and begin the process of building your new home in RiverStone

Any remaining unsold lots will be available for sale on first-come, first-served basis, with no limit on the number purchased.

Get more details on how the lot draw process works here